Een popcorn top 100 

1             Wright, Chuck   Love (I won’t be your fool)

2             Watkins, Lovelace           Dreams

3             Miller, Jay           Can’t you tell him no

4             Reed, Chuck      That lucky old sun

5             Rossi, Kenny      You’re not the only one

6             Vaughan, Sarah               You got it made

7             Emilhenco          Prisonnier de l’amour

8             Payne, Chuck    Your blue horizon

9             Breedlove, Jimmy           I say hello

10           Paul, Bunny       A million miles from nowhere

11           Blackwell, Otis Kiss away

12           Cole, Jerry          Land of dreams

13           Forest, Danny   It’ll never be over for me

14           Charles, Nick     The right girl

15           El Baron               Haunting eyes

16           Gamble, Kenny                You don’t know what you got until you lose it

17           Fleming, Ray      I’m glad to have you

18           Turner, Kylo       I’ll keep thinkin’ of you

19           Starr, Maxine    Theme from Taras Bulba (The wishing star)

20           Waters, Junior Stars fell from the sky

21           Turner, Benny You gonna miss me

22           Darian, Fred       Another show another town

23           Chance, Nolan She’s gone (and she won’t be back)

24           Conte, John       Promised land

25           Dana, Kenny      It’s been so long

26           Dodds, Malcolm              Laugh my heart

27           Sims, Gerald      Cool breeze

28           Lee, Georgia      Johnny Angel

29           Flamingos           I know better

30           Middleton, Tony             Drifting

31           Douglas, Craig   Don’t mind if I cry

32           James, Col          Gonna settle down

33           Hafner, Dick       Go away tears

34           Starr, Mack & The Mellows        Drifting apart

35           Weiss, Larry       I don’t know myself anymore

36           Gardner, Don & Ford, Dee Dee                Son my son

37           Vann, Teddy      River keep movin’

38           Colbert, Phil       Who’s got the action

39           Thornton, Teri Either way I lose

40           Banks, Douglas                 Never say goodbye

41           Carr, Eddie         Dirty old town xxx

42           Wylie, Richard ‘Popcorn’              I’ll still be around

43           Marino, Del        I’ll never be the same

44           Power, Duffy    What now

45           Rawls, Lou          The house next door

46           Hines, Billy          The old master painter

47           Staley, George                 Going back

48           Rankin, Kenny Sure as you’re born

49           Royal Premiers                 Who am I without your love

50           Foxx, Inez           I see you my love

51           Rome, Billy         O sole mio

52           Holland, Eddie You deserve what you got

53           Accents               Enchanted garden

54           Miller, Glenn     Where is the love

55           Chapman, Ronnie           Annie B. is gone

56           Hopkins, Linda If you walk away

57           Hunt, Pat            You are my first love

58           James, Peter     Feelings

59           Durain, Johnny                 People will talk

60           Lamp, Buddy     Promised land

61           Staccatos            Who’s to say

62           Howard, Dave   While we danced the tango

63           Watson, Romance          Where does that leave me

64           Jaye, Freddy      Thinking of you

65           Jenkins, Bobby & The Jades       You mean everything to me

66           Crawford, Don You’re gone

67           Volpe, Al             Surrender

68           Gunter, Cornell                In a dream of love

69           Wright, Nat        Fantasy

70           Nash, Johnny    Old man river

71           Jones, Al             You’re faithful Anna

72           Fabulous Carousels        Would you love me

73           Cords    To be loved

74           Mimms, Garnet               Look away

75           Day, Bobby        I need help

76           Lynch, Kenny    You make love so well

77           Prysock, Arthur                Before you break my heart

78           Phillips, Esther Just say goodbye

79           Lee, Randy         Like the feller and the girl on a late show

80           Matadors            You’d be crying too

81           Elbert, Donnie For sentimental reasons

82           Gallant, Ronnie                In the night

83           Mortimer, Azie                Treat me like you love me

84           Holman, Jay       Sounds and sights

85           Zee, Tommy      Rebecca remember

86           Miles, Lenny      Living dream

87           Epps, Arthur      Baby these are the things that I need

88           Tate, Ben            She’s gone

89           Martino, Al         What now my love xxx 2:58 1965

90           Josie, Marva      I don’t care:

91           D’Fano, Bobby The wonder of your love

92           Flemons, Wade               I came running (back from the party)

93           Karen, Kenny    Nature boy

94           Frontiers             Don’t come crying

95           Jones, Lacey      Two time loser

96           Reed, Roman    Harlem nocturne

97           Martino, Miranda           Just say I love you

98           Jordan, Jimmy The grass looked greener

99           Grant, Carrie & The Grandeurs                 Take all of my life

100         Flamingo, Johnny            I just cry

pocorn top 100

pocorn top 100